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The Rap School is run by Rob Bradley

Rob Bradley is a world championship-winning freestyle rapper, a published poet and a multiple time TEDx talker. He has performed around the world, from underground clubs in New York to festivals throughout Europe, and collaborated with international artists along the way. He’s built a solid reputation as an astute lyricist, captivating storyteller and unrivalled improviser. 

Rob started writing poetry at age 8. When he was 12 he discovered various rap CDs. From that moment, he was hooked. Influenced by The Fugees, 2pac and The Notorious BIG, Rob got to writing his own raps and perfecting his delivery and flow. As he grew up he learned how to use his new skills to tell his own stories and create a style of rap music that uses honesty, emotion and storytelling to convey positive and progressive messages.


Rob has released a number of independent records and continues to do so as well as tour throughout the world. His passions have now spread into education, where he uses his rap skills to help young people find and develop their voice and have fun exploring a culture and genre which he has been transfixed by his whole life.

Watch Rob's talk at TEDx

Watch Rob's performance of Control

Reasons To Write Rhymes

Rob's first book is a collection of raps and poetry called Reasons To Write Rhymes. It is for young people and people young at heart.

Have you ever thought about what it means to get older? Or if your nose is too big? Or why girls cry all the time?

Rob Bradley is a poetic rapper who has spent his whole life writing rhymes. In this new collection of raps and poems he gives you seven reasons to do the same.


It’s about accepting who you are, finding a story in every moment, and looking at things from a different angle. As long as there are fascinating, strange or scary things in the world, there are always reasons to write rhymes.

The books are available to buy at the workshops and also online by clicking the button below.

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