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Educational rap and spoken-word workshops for schools and beyond

Watch this video
and find out everything you need to know.
What is The Rap School?

Rap and spoken word poetry offer an alternative way to teach literacy, poetic techniques and vocabulary through creative writing and performance. Learning to collaborate and perform aloud helps young people build confidence and improve their communication skills. These fun, collaborative and exciting workshops are designed to help young people engage with a new form of writing, explore their creative ideas and

experiment with performance.

​We work across the UK and internationally with primary schools, secondary schools, colleges, universities, youth centres, charities and any other creative projects aiming to inspire and engage young people.

​If you work with young people and want them to be engaged in language, music and performance, then The Rap School's workshops are an ideal fit.

Who are the workshops for?​

The rap and spoken word workshops are for young people in education, the community and beyond. 
Each workshop is tailored to your needs, so whatever your requirements, we have a solution. 
If you work for a primary school, secondary school, college, university, youth centre or you're involved

in any youth provision then

get in touch now.

We've run projects and workshops for... 
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Sophie Hay

English Lead

Lea Valley Academy, Enfield

Our students were hugely entertained
by Rob's improvised performance and inspired to
let loose with their own personal and
creative approach to rap. 
Teachers who booked our workshops said...
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The founder of The Rap School
is Rob Bradley.

Rob is a world championship-winning freestyle rapper, a published poet and a multiple time TEDx talker. He has performed around the world, from underground clubs in New York to festivals throughout Europe, and collaborated with international artists along the way. He’s built a solid reputation as an astute lyricist, captivating storyteller and unrivalled improviser.

Rob started writing poetry at age 8. When he was 12 he discovered various rap CDs. From that moment, he was hooked. Influenced by The Fugees, 2pac and The Notorious BIG, Rob got to writing his own raps and perfecting his delivery and flow. As he grew up he learned how to use his new skills to tell his own stories and create a style of rap music that uses honesty, emotion and storytelling to convey positive and progressive messages.

More about Rob...

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In a typical workshop participants will...

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