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Online workshops

Online rap workshops are a great alternative to in-person workshops. They can be delivered to groups or individuals anywhere in the world. The sessions are interactive, engaging and entertaining. We've taken years worth of experience in delivering in-person workshops and adapted it to an online format. 



Who are the online workshops suitable for?

If you're in education in the UK, then KS2 to KS5, or age 7+.

They're for full school assemblies, class workshops, community groups or anywhere where learning takes place. They're also for individuals who want to learn or perfect their rap skills. 

How interactive are the sessions?

Very! Just because it's not live in person, it doesn't mean it's not lively! There's plenty to get involved in. There will be a chance for participants to give random words to be used in a freestyle rap, songs to join in with, questions to answer and an opportunity for participants to share their raps on their mic.

How much do the workshops cost?

Online workshops work out cheaper than in-person workshops. They're booked by the hour rather than by the day. 

Costs may differ slightly depending on the duration of the workshops so for a quote please send a booking enquiry HERE.

Include your location and requirements.

What equipment do you need?

A computer with a working internet connection, some speakers or headphones and a working microphone.

What online platform do we use?

We will use whichever platform you prefer. Zoom, Teams or Google classroom are our preferred and most common platforms but if you have a different requirement please let us know.

Do we need to do anything before the workshops?

No but if you want to introduce your students to rap and prepare them for their workshops then


CLICK HERE to download your

free rap starter pack and

get your students ready to rap


Molly Fowler

Head of English

St. Christopher's Primary, London

The girls were hooked for the full hour, and the freestyle performances were particularly memorable. Rob expertly differentiated the second half of his sessions depending on the age of the group, and everyone left the session with a rap they were proud of. 
Teachers who booked our online workshops said...
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