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Workshops in schools

School workshops are delivered in person and are booked by the day. They're designed to engage young people in writing and performing raps to help build their poetry, literacy and confidence skills.

Each workshop is a mix of artist performance, games, writing tasks,

and student performance. 



Who are the workshops suitable for?

Key Stage 1 to Key Stage 5. All levels of ability and experience will enjoy and benefit from the workshops. Workshops are tailored to your requirements. We're experienced in delivering workshops in primary and secondary schools, colleges, PRUs and SEN schools.

How are the workshops scheduled?

Workshops are booked by the day. You can design the day as you wish.

If in doubt we recommend a morning assembly followed by four one-hour workshops with different groups. 

How much do the workshops cost?

To receive a quote please send a booking enquiry HERE.

Include your location and requirements. Discounts are available for multiple consecutive-day bookings. 

What space and equipment do schools need?

A classroom, hall or any space where students can write and make noise (we'll be making a lot of it!).

Please provide a whiteboard, SMARTboard or Flipchart. We'll bring the microphones, speakers and music.

How many students can take part in a workshop?

Max. 30 students per workshop. We want to make sure students have enough time in the workshop to write and perform.

For assemblies​ bring as many students as you can fit!

Do we need to do anything before the workshops?

No but if you want to introduce your students to rap and prepare them for their workshops then 

CLICK HERE to download your

free rap starter pack and

get your students ready to rap

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